New for “You”

Gone are the Times when Physiotherapy meant Sticking patients to Machines and giving them a few general exercises. As the Society drives itself towards being fit and fast, It has become of utmost importance to provide what your body needs to heal right. Change of Approach has become a Necessity. These new techniques based on Evidence and Research ensure you the worth of your time and money’s value. They help Reduce the overall time of treatment, Save you from expensive and debilitating surgeries and ensure decreased use of Anti-Inflammatory Meds.


A Unique Technique

A Unique Technique to address scar tissue and fascial restrictions along the Kinetic Chain. “Fascia”-In spite of being so widespread in our body, covering all nerves, muscles, ligaments and even bones, It is still  overlooked . It serves as a Force Transmitter from one tissue to another. Inappropriate forces cause restrictions. We all have fascial … Continue reading A Unique Technique

Postural analysis

Sit Erect! My daddy used to tell me all the time Sit Erect! How did I despise that saying I Slouched, What a comfort that is My muscles screamed and shrieked in pain As they worked harder to keep my body working still..

Active Release Technique

What is Active Release Technique? Repetitive movement and overuse causes certain restrictions between the fascial layers. It is a state of art soft tissue massage technique which helps different tissues to slide effortlessly over each other restoring motion and decreasing the pain associated with restrictions. it has 500 different moves that help restore movement. Where … Continue reading Active Release Technique


Kinesio Tape provides stability and support to the structures essential for movement. It has a certain amount of flexibility allowing movement while providing stability. One of its special features is the lift that it provides, causing increased blood circulation underneath the skin and allowing faster healing. It can be used in conjunction with many other … Continue reading KinesioTaping

Movement Analysis

Yes I am a “Body Engineer”. Our Bodies, much like any electronics, are meant to run smoothly with all its parts in perfect synchrony. No Noise, No Grunts and No glitches. We are made that way.. to be able to achieve our full potential.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Everything that you need to get your bones and soft tissue on the right track. This includes a toolbox of techniques which mobilizes the joint surfaces and soft tissue in order to decrease stiffness increase blood flow and promote healing. Extremely useful for Patients with Osteoarthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Cervical Spondylosis and for Back … Continue reading Manual Therapy

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