Bio mechanical or Biochemical?

Back Pain? Knee pain? Shoulder pain? Neck pain or Headaches?
Pop a Pill!  How many of us have done that  and still continue to do it?
But, Pain does come back. And there you are. Again, repeating
the cycle, popping a pill.

Think whether the cause of your re-current pain is a Biochemical Issue or a Bio mechanical one?IMG-20160128-WA0002-c869fa53-1199-4bf6-88e1-3e26abe1fe26.jpg

Many a times wrong postures during sitting, standing, walking, lifting put uneven loads on our bodies causing damage This activities repeated over and over through the days, weeks , months and years cause the tissues to come to a point of tolerance and breakdown.

Popping a pill will numb the pain from the breakdown. It doesn’t stop the breakdown or reverse it, nor does it treat the root cause of the  pain. To achieve a more sustained pain relief, next time don’t pop a pill or inject your back. Book an appointment with  a Physio to get yourself corrected bio mechanically.

Tada for now! Stay Fit..


2 thoughts on “Bio mechanical or Biochemical?

  1. yashchheda says:

    That’s so true! We’ve become so hooked to immediate results that we’ll not think twice what it does to us long term.

    Health is a marathon, not a sprint. No point burning out early. 🙂


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